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A Good Keyword Strategy is Never Finished

November 18, 2015

seo strategy

There is a new article at Search Engine Land that discusses how one can utilize a range of analytic tools to identify previously-overlooked search terms, which might be uniquely capable of both driving traffic to an e-commerce site and converting those visits to sales.

The article continues to explain that there are so many hidden gems within your current website that you can optimize to increase your presence in the search engines. While searching for text on a site seems like a daunting task, there are a few tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tracker and our personal favorite, Authority Labs that make this easy to track.

As with virtually any of these sorts of advice articles, the information should be assumed to target industry professionals, such as employees of a Los Angeles SEO company. Inexperienced site owners can’t be expected to have the initial skills that such advice builds upon.

But insofar as site owners might be interested in the information, it could help them to better understand why they need the help of a local SEO company. Anyone can draw up a list of seemingly-obvious keywords. But it requires extensive utilization of the relevant tools to determine whether those are the correct keywords, whether they are having their desired effect, and whether there are any less obvious alternatives that the site is missing, which might be more effective.

The author of the article correctly observes that no one should ever assume a keyword strategy to be final, at least until “you’ve exhausted all of your opportunities to drive more varied, relevant, organic traffic.” This is a lesson that inexperienced site owners must pay particular attention to, since it is much more likely that they will miss the evidence of a better alternative strategy.

When hiring a local SEO company to handle these issues for you, you should certainly be prepared to offer your own ideas about what keywords to target. But if that company never challenges you on your choices or presents alternatives, beware. It probably means that there are a variety of analytical resources in their toolbox that are going unutilized. And this can be to the determinant of your traffic and profit.

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