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With nearly 8 years in business, Pink Shark has recruited a world class team specializing in digital marketing and branding services. We have worked with a variety of businesses, both local and ecommerce, across numerous industries and verticals. Whether you are looking to improve your branding or increase conversions and sales, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Our projects range from website designs to digital advertising, if it’s digital we’re doing it

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We are a marketing and advertising agency, dedicated to creating meaningful projects and relationships.
Michael Preston

CEO & Founder

Signo Moran

Senior Project Manager

Caitlyn Sealander

Social Media Manager

Melanie Alvarez

Social Media Manager

Owen Daniels III

Creative Content

Sebastian Tamayo

Web Developer

Cindy Lu

Graphic Designer


Advertising Management

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Were not a company thats just here to bill your for a service, we come on board as a growth partner with you. We need you to be very involved with ad creative, you provide the imagery and video, while we craft the messaging and ad copy. We go through an approval process and feedback loop which we need you to be involved with. Our best performing clients were the ones who took ownership of their role in the growth process.

Progress is different for every client and their needs as well as cost of goods. We need 3 months to run through our full process and run our tests to fully validate a funnel before we start ramping things up. Some people see results in the first week and others it takes 2-3 months before we start ramping up everything.

Retargeting is not expensive, we dont just use email because we need to create a transaction in order to acquire their email in the first place. A newsletter, or purchase or free gift. Relying on solely email will eliminate 90% of your retargeting audience. We use dynamic product retargeting ads that target people based on their behavior on your website. If they added a product to cart or viewed a product and didnt purchase we can send them those products in their fb or ig newsfeed to remind them about that product without even having to ask for their email.
Cost - CPM - cost per thousand impressions. A cpm of 10$ means you can show an ad to 1000 people for 10$. Its the most underpriced form of attention you can get and converts really well with warm retargeting audiences.

Facebook owns instagram and we work out of the facebook business manager, where we can run ads on both platforms as well as messenger and an audience network such as blogs or IOS applications on your phone. We manage it all in one place so we can compare the ads apples to apples so we can put more budget into what is producing the most results for you whether it be IG or FB

You should hire an agency because it’s comprised of experts—experts in ad creatives, experts in digital marketing strategies, experts in Facebook ads. Hiring an expert team means your ROIs will soar, your ad targeting will strengthen, and your creatives will be better. You should especially hire an agency if you have no time and no knowledge in managing Facebook ads and analyzing its data.



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