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A Lesson from Wimbledon’s Social Media

June 29, 2016

The Wimbledon tennis championship tournament began this week and predictably became a leading topic on social media among a global audience of sports fans. And it appears that the event’s organizers are putting forth substantial effort to remain engaged with that audience.

In fact, on Wednesday a Reuters video report detailed how IBM is using cutting-edge technology to help the event monitor hashtags and trending topics throughout the world, in order to attract and keep the attention of social media users who might be interested in the latest developments at Wimbledon.

The story goes a long way toward illustrating the increasing complexity of social media management. Those who are managing accounts for highly visible global brands will need to follow Wimbledon’s lead in accumulating and analyzing worldwide social media data from one moment to the next.

But what about a smaller brand or a local social media company? The Wimbledon story is relevant to them, as well, in that it describes the importance of keeping pace with how users are responding both to the brand’s own content and to third-party content that might be used as a jumping-off point for broader engagement.

Your local social media company doesn’t need to be using an IBM supercomputer to analyze millions of posts each hour. But it does need to do the same things on a smaller scale. And there are growing stores of programs and resources that can be utilized toward this end.

Your local social media company should have the demonstrated capability of monitoring overall social media activity on the scale you require, whether it be manually or automatically. And this is one of several pieces of information you should consider when vetting your prospective contractors and working out an online marketing strategy with them.

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