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Always Vet Your Local SEO Company

January 13, 2016

lasso around the moon

The Huffington Post recently published an article detailing and dispelling a handful of SEO myths, most of which seem to recur year after year. It’s well worth reading that list and understanding the author’s responses, although she seems to admit in her introduction that you shouldn’t take the view of any one SEO professional or any one Beverly Hills SEO company as gospel.

It’s that acknowledged disagreement among SEO practitioners that I particularly want to emphasize. Much of it is perfectly valid, because it involves questions that are difficult to resolve, and perhaps aspects of SEO that are hidden to everyone but those who coded them in the first place. This is a challenge for people who aren’t SEO professionals but need to contract with a local SEO company to boost their own website.

What makes that process more challenging, however, is the fact that some of your local SEO companies are certainly operating with a limited professional background, making sales on the basis of pretension to knowledge that they don’t really have. The Huffington Post article says this as well, and blames untrustworthy local SEO companies for perpetrating myths that should have been debunked by now.

The question is, how do you avoid these untrustworthy companies and decide which Los Angeles SEO company to trust in resolving the more valid disputes? And to that there is no easy answer.

If I may toot my own horn, I would say that continuing to read these Pink Shark Marketing blog posts would be a good start, insofar as it will help you to understand basic principles of SEO, as well as calling attention to useful third-party articles that offer advice and debunk myths. That is to say, such posts are not only useful to aspiring SEO professionals, but also to those who might employ them.

If you ever expect to rely on SEO (and realistically, every entrepreneur will), be sure to take some time to read up on it, not so you can undertake the tasks of a local SEO company on your own, but so you can vet your contractors as they desperately need to be vetted.


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