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Anticipating Changes with Agile SEO

February 10, 2018

If you have any familiarity with project management, you’ve probably heard about agile methodology. But have you heard of agile SEO? When it comes to the project of search engine optimization, it can be worthwhile to apply some of the same management tactics that you see in other information technology-related endeavors.

If you’re not familiar with “agile” in either context, it is exactly what it sounds like: a set of project management techniques that are flexible, responsive, and changeable in order to prevent individuals and teams from getting bogged down in fixed tasks when the project has a tendency to evolve.

Agile SEO recognizes the fact that search engine optimization is at least as prone to evolution as design or programming. Those sorts of projects often require team members to be able to shift gears unexpectedly. The same can be said of SEO, partly as a result of constant changes in search engine algorithms, partly because of a website’s changing priorities and business model, and partly because of the new information that can be revealed by ongoing search analytics.

If you’re just the client of a local SEO company, you can’t necessarily be expected to recognize agile SEO in practice. But you should be able to recognize its effects in meetings with that company. If ever it seems like an SEO professional is simply doing the same thing over and over again, ask them why. Because although a certain amount of repetition is part of the process, a practitioner of agile SEO will always be on the lookout for reasons to make adjustments that improve a client’s outcomes.

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