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Avoid Conflict with Your Web Design Company by Anticipating It

January 5, 2019

As I’m sure I’ve said before, it is often instructive for a Los Angeles web design company to take note of problems that clients and other firms have encountered with one another. It is always a good idea to anticipate issues before they become problems, and to establish potential solutions ahead of time.

Someone recently shared a story with me about conflict that arose over ownership of a domain name. It started me thinking about how short-term decisions can turn into problems later on if the relationship between a site owner and web design company stretches on over the long term.

Depending upon individual policies on both sides of the relationship, the purchase of a domain may be another service provided by a web design company. At a glance, this seems to simplify the process of setting up the website on a client’s behalf. But that simplicity can give rise to tremendous inconvenience if the client and the web design company have a falling out, or lose touch with each other.

That is what happened in the case that was described to me, and it created problems for the site owner that were, in retrospect, easily avoidable. Rather than fighting to reclaim the domain name from his former web design company, the person in question could have handled the domain himself, before providing the web developer with relevant information to set up the name server. As another option, he could have seen to it that his ownership over the domain was specified in the service contract.

In any similar situation, the client and the web design company should be able to recognize issues, like domain name ownership, that have long-term implications. And as a matter of policy, neither party should enter into a professional relationship on the assumption that it will be free from problems. Hardships arise, and while sometimes they are rooted in personal incompatibility, sometimes they are purely “acts of God,” as when one party dies.

No client should be shy about making provisions for these eventualities, and no Los Angeles web service provider should be insulted by the effort to address problems that may never actually arise. On both sides of the relationship, a careful approach to contracts and long-term services is a sign of professionalism. Resistance to the same is a potential sign that the site owner and web design company will not get along in the future. And this could be to the detriment of a site that would otherwise be receiving regular development and maintenance.

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