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A Better Guide to Web Design Trends

August 5, 2017
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a better guide to web design trends 2

I’ve recently found a new article, at a blog site called Embedds, which offers one writer’s take on the design trends that appear to be predominant and particularly useful among web design companies in Los Angeles and other cutting-edge markets. While you could probably find a new article of this kind in some corner of the internet almost every day, this one strikes me as more notable than most.

My essential reason for this assessment is that the article is at once more broad-ranging and more specific. It gives the reader a clear sense of emerging trends, but it also highlights how they will function on your site, be experienced by users, and be implemented by a W/D company. In that sense, it is better than most such articles at preparing you to have a substantive conversation with your own local web design company, when it comes time for you to adopt these trends.

Notably, the article also avoids a naïve perspective on do-it-yourself web design. It highlights trends that will really make your site stand out, and in so doing it emphasizes that many such trends involve complicated structural efforts by your W/D company. As the internet becomes an increasingly large place, the truth becomes more undeniable that the best web design does not come pre-packaged.

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