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Boldface – FB/IG Advertising + Google Advertising

FB/IG Advertising, Google Advertising




E-commerce / Beauty


Website Sales, Brand Awareness

Services Provided:

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Google Advertising


Boldface hired Pink Shark to generate new business through digital advertising. They came to us to launch their social media and search advertising campaigns. The main objective was to generate new sales on new customers as well as current/past customers. 

Originally, the main goal was to target new domestic customers. We did this through researching interest groups and testing different markets to continuously optimize the campaigns and ads.

Once we were able to successfully reach new customers within the USA, Boldface then wanted to expand further internationally. We opened up new markets through further research and testing, and have successfully brought in new distribution channels within 42 new countries.

With all of this new cold website traffic, we then capitalized on retargeting ads that would be shown to those who were already familiar with the brand through past website visits and social media engagement. Our retargeting ads focused on specific products that were added to cart and viewed, in order to support high relevance for each visitor.


ROAS 5.3 or 530%

Total Sales:


Total Impressions:

24.97 Million


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