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Skinpeccable – Search Engine Optimization – Local Business SEO


Local Business / Medical Dermatologist


Ranking On Google

Services Provided:

Search Engine Optimization SEO


Skinpeccable approached our digital marketing agency with the objective of increasing their online visibility and driving more traffic to their website. Specifically, they wanted to rank on the first page of Google for several target keywords, including “Botox West Hollywood” and “melasma treatment west hollywood”, along with various others.

Our Approach:

After an initial consultation with Skinpeccable, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of their website and the competitive landscape. Our team identified several technical issues on their website, including slow page load times and poor mobile optimization, which were affecting their search engine rankings. We recommended a website redesign to address these issues and improve the overall user experience.

We also conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for Skinpeccable’s business. We optimized their website content and meta tags, ensuring that each page had unique and relevant title tags and meta descriptions.

To build the website’s authority and improve its search engine rankings, we developed a link-building strategy that involved creating high-quality, shareable content and promoting it through targeted outreach campaigns.


Our efforts resulted in significant improvements in Skinpeccable’s search engine rankings. Within six months, the website was ranking on the first page of Google for multiple target keywords. The website’s organic traffic increased by over 200%.

Our ongoing SEO efforts, including content marketing and link building, continued to produce positive results for Skinpeccable. Skinpeccable was able to attract a significant number of new clients, resulting in an increase in appointments booked.


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