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When is it worthwhile for a company to undertake a website redesign project? There are many potential answers, but one is particularly relevant to current circumstances.

With many companies relying on remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, some are suddenly coming to terms with the limitations of their own online systems. Those limitations might not have had a significant impact on workflow in the past. But website redesign starts to look absolutely vital when small problems are being shared by the entire staff.

Problems with remote work might also emerge as a result of reliance on third-party services. A lot of people are currently using Zoom to hold meetings with coworkers who are all sequestered in their own homes. But as that practice has grown more prevalent, people have also become aware of security vulnerabilities and the potential for sabotaged meetings.

For certain companies, it may be feasible to build their own communication system as part of a website redesign project. An autonomous alternative to Zoon could be equipped with company-specific credentials to keep out intruders while also making it easier for mangers to keep tabs on who is coming and going.

For situations when in-person meetings aren’t necessary, a website redesign can integrate a text-based chat system or message board. These kinds of tools help to reinforce the separation between personal and work-related communications. They also facilitate efficient and comprehensive record-keeping while allowing messages to be filtered according to particular departments and projects.

And with that kind of filtering in mind, a remote-work-oriented website redesign could allow companies to develop portals to keep track of who is on staff and who is working on a given project when employees aren’t present in a shared location. This kind of record-keeping might already be part of existing human resources computer systems. But with everyone telecommuting, it may be worthwhile to move those systems online where all authorized personnel can access them from home.

These are only a handful of the potential advantages of starting a website redesign at this time. The value of any given change may be different for your firm than for another. And of course that value also depends on how long the current situation lasts. Notably, some remote-working arrangements could last even beyond the expiration of stay-at-home orders, provided that online systems are working efficiently at that time.

As I’ve said in reference to SEO strategies and web marketing during the pandemic, it’s possible to re-brand the current challenges as opportunities. When it comes to telecommuting, you can view this as a test run for a new kind of workflow. And if the test proves successful, your investment in a collaborative online infrastructure will be very worthwhile indeed.

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