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It seems like discussions of web marketing, even among Los Angeles web marketing companies, are less prone to making reference to blogging than they were several years ago. Does that mean that blogging has diminished in importance?


Not really. That is to say, the reason it’s no longer a dominant topic is not that it’s become a less useful tool, but rather that it’s part of a much larger toolbox than it was in the earlier days of internet marketing. Blogging sometimes seems to be buried underneath discussions of social media marketing. And even SEO is a more familiar topic of articles for local web marketing companies, even though some people insist (wrongly) that SEO is dead.


The basic reason for this is that social media is a highly competitive first point of contact for a local web marketing company, and SEO is constantly evolving. Blogging, on the other hand, is evergreen.


Most sites that have been using the services of an online marketing company for a long time probably have their blogging strategy down pat. Social media is arguably more difficult to manage, but it’s important to not lose site of the fact that the two things go hand-in-hand. Twitter and Facebook can grab the attention of would-be customers by presenting information in micro-blog format. But if they’re interested, they should be able to click from your social media to your blog and get more detailed – and more persuasive – information.


When working out a general strategy with your local web marketing company, make sure all the pieces fit together. Don’t focus too closely on one aspect of your marketing, to the exclusive of others.

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