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Competitor Analysis is a Joint Venture for Site Owners and Web Designers

August 8, 2016

On Tuesday, HubSpot published an article outlining a series of testing methods that could be utilized to reduce the length of the web design process and the amount of expense involved in it. It is all rather good advice, although it falls victim to the same errors of some other web design advice articles by appearing to suggest that the site owner can take care of this analysis on their own.


To the author’s credit, the article does not specifically present this information as being for non-professional site owners as opposed to, say, a Los Angeles web design company. But she does effectively leave it up to me to clarify that her information should be used mainly at the point of the site owner’s consultation with their local web design company.


Even so, the information is very valuable to that site owner. Knowledge of these testing methods, including competitor analysis and various user experience tests, gives the site owner a great deal of potential influence over the design process and the development of an overall marketing plan. If you are an expert in your own field of endeavor, but not in web design, the consultation process allows for you to discuss that expertise with your local web design company, in order to jointly determine what your competitors are missing and what your own site’s visitors still need.

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