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Coordinating Sales and Promotions with Social Media Marketing

November 4, 2015

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Any local social media company that you work with for e-commerce marketing should understand that the central goal of their efforts is to generate immediate sales from cold traffic. Of course there are a range of secondary tasks that go along with that, like branding and lead-generation. But when it comes down to it, social media is salesmanship in the same way as your interactions with customers in a Los Angeles storefront.

In fact, the two roles are similar enough that they ought to be closely connected in practice. If your business has both an e-commerce and a brick-and-mortar element, they should offer similar incentives to online and in-person visitors in order to encourage immediate sales. This calls for regular, direct communication with your Los Angeles social media company to make sure that it is executing the same strategies as your physical operations.

A good local social media company should take the lead in this and make an effort to keep abreast of any sales or special promotions that you’re offering in-store. It should then coordinate with you to match those with online promotions, perhaps even going the extra mile by putting a unique spin on them so that online visitors won’t be tempted to always buy in store.

This latter strategy is valuable to you and to your local social media company because it is by actively generating sales online that you can keep track of the effectiveness of your social media. When you see actual sales coming through social media channels, you’ll know that social media marketing is not just window dressing, but is a genuine contributor to the bottom line.

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