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Does Your Digital Marketing Company Utilize Mobile Video?

March 23, 2019

It’s no secret that mobile marketing is increasingly high on the list of priorities for any given digital marketing company. I’ve discussed its importance before while emphasizing the need for a strategy that encompasses multiple platforms and takes into account the unique web browsing habits of your target audience.

Not all users are married to mobile, but smartphones and tablets are always penetrating more deeply into more users’ lives. In some cases, this leads to occasional, supplementary use. But in some cases it means that a digital marketing company must revise its strategy to accommodate a complete shift toward mobile as the audience’s primary means of accessing client information.

And as these sorts of shifts take place, particular aspects of a marketing campaign also move from desktop to mobile sites. Once the domain of higher-bandwidth wired internet connections, streaming video is more and more accessible on handheld devices and LTE. Thus, it has also become a more convenient way of delivering information to a diverse audience in an engaging way.

If a digital marketing company cannot produce in-house video for its clients, it should at least be able to reliable outsource that work. While mobile video isn’t a necessity for every client, no one should presume, in 2019, that it won’t add value to a marketing campaign.

The potential importance of video was already well-established years ago, but mobile streaming is a qualitatively different experience. So whenever a digital marketing company develops an integrated strategy that reaches both mobile and desktop users, it is important that any and all related video production fits every type of screen and every type of platform.

On desktop, the digital marketing company can take advantage of the fullness of widescreen presentation. But it better be able to trim the edges without losing any content, because ordinary smartphone usage and dedicated sites like Instagram may leave no choice but to fit the client’s message into a square or vertical aspect ratio.

Once upon a time, it might have been appropriate to say “video is video” and to accept that a user either does or does not click “play.” But with the landscape of the web diversifying and inviting so many different approaches to digital marketing, few strategies are that simple anymore.

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