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A Good Digital Marketing Firm Mixes “Mundane” with “Cutting Edge”

November 17, 2018
digital marketing firm
digital marketing firm

A digital marketing firm, like a company representing any other industry, is often on the lookout for new, game-changing developments in its field. If you’re a client of such a firm, you’re probably keeping your eyes open for the same thing. It could be what gives you the edge on your competitors and brings in a new class of hip, influential clientele.

Be that as it may, no digital marketing firm should rely on cutting-edge tactics and shiny accessories to drive traffic to a client’s website. The most important pathway to success for a digital marketing campaign is the simple, day-to-day tasks that make up a website’s basic user experience and a client’s brand identity.

The best digital marketing firm is one that can manage both sides of the industry at once: the established and the experimental. So while marketing professionals should have a sense of how to effectively use resources like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, they should never allow this to obstruct their view of clean, practical web design, SEO best practices, action-oriented copywriting, and so on.

These are still – and always will be – the first things that the vast majority of consumers look at when they interact with a client’s website. Bells and whistles may draw the attention of a certain portion of web users, but they won’t hold that attention or turn it into sales if the shiny new features aren’t underpinned by content that tells people what they want to know in the most straightforward way, and prompts them to keep coming back.

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