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Don’t Be Dense About Density

May 19, 2015

I’m amazed by how many people still reduce the concept of SEO to a calculation of “keyword density.” The obsession with short-term gains has led “search engine optimization” to be virtually synonymous with “bad writing.”

The goal of SEO isn’t just to bump your site up in the rankings for a certain keyword. It’s also to get people to click on your page, stay on your page, link to it, and come back to it later. These are the things that drive sustained optimization results. If you just bombard the page with the same phrases over and over again, you’ll get filtered out of search engine results really quickly.

It seems obvious that nobody enjoys reading a paragraph of text that repeats the same work eighteen times. Avoiding word repetition is one of the most fundamental rules of writing, whether you’re a novelist or a copywriter for an SEO company. Los Angeles traffic is easier to navigate and moves faster than certain websites that have cluttered themselves with a short-sighted concept of SEO.

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