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Don’t Lose Sleep over Social Media

January 29, 2016

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A recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania had revealed the excessive use of social media is linked to sleep disturbance. This information is probably unsurprising to many people, and perhaps least so to those who are addicted to social media not only because they enjoy on it but also because they depend on it for the success of their business.

After all, we already know that stress is a contributor to sleep deprivation. So if you’re worrying about the effectiveness of your marketing strategy while simultaneously feeding social media addiction, you may be in for a bad time.

At the same time, sleep disturbance potentially opens up more time for you to check your social media feeds and obsess over whether your online marketing strategy is working. It’s easy to imagine the two factors forming a feedback loop and making you more obsessed as well as more tired. That wouldn’t be good for you or your business, and it may negatively affect both your social media marketing and your performance in other aspects of your business.

So what’s to be done if you find that you’re obsessing over your company’s social media and losing sleep from the stress of it all? If that’s your situation, it’s probably a good indicator that you shouldn’t be leaving social media management in your own hands anyway. If you’re uncertain of your strategy and its keeping you up at night, hand off that aspect of the business to a local social media company that knows how – and when – to make a marketing strategy work.

If anybody is going to stay awake at night checking your social media and building interaction with existing and prospective customers, it really ought to be the sort of people who’ve made a conscious decision to eat, breathe, and dream social media marketing. The task really is enough to consume your waking hours and cut into your sleep. But it shouldn’t do so when you’ve got a business to run.


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