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Don’t Try to Go it Alone on SEO

May 20, 2015

A new article at Business 2 Community focuses on the by now well-known concept that search engine optimization is virtually synonymous with good content. The author points out that this has been emphasized already by other leading sources including the Huffington Post and Quick Sprout. But she gives the most attention to a video on this topic by Rand Fishkin of inbound marketing software company Moz, who says that it is possible to have good SEO simply by developing great content.


The problem is that articles and video lectures on this topic tend to make such a project seem easier than it is. They may leave some web entrepreneurs with the impression that they can cut loose their local SEO company and go it alone, expecting the same results.


After making the initial point about the importance of great content, the Business 2 Community article spends the rest of its time explaining some of the principles that a person can use in developing that content. But it fails to acknowledge that what it is describing is essentially just the modern role that should be played by a local SEO company, or by a local social media company, as may be the case with certain points of content, such as customer feedback.


Once again, this article serves primarily as a checklist of things to discuss with your local SEO company, but not as a guide to maximizing your search results all on your own. No matter how indistinguishable that task is from web development, up-and-coming websites need the help of individuals and companies who have expertise in improving site rankings. From New York to Los Angeles, SEO companies are taking on different roles than in years past, but they are as indispensable to their client companies as ever.

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