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Even Now, Not Everyone is Using SEO and Content Marketing Together

October 19, 2015


In the past few days, both and MemeBurn have posted articles offering analysis and advice about the combination of search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. Entrepreneur suggests that people who’ve retained outmoded thinking tend to focus on SEO in isolation, while MemeBurn feels that SEO and content marketing have actually been viewed as competitors, rather than two sides of the same coin.

The unity of these two strategies is obvious to us at Pink Shark Marketing, but articles like these remind us that it is still not obvious to everyone. It may not even be obvious to every firm that describes itself as a local SEO company. So when discussing your online marketing strategies with potential contractors, it remains important to make sure that those contractors utilize an integrated strategy.

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Entrepreneur offers 10 specific pieces of advice for combining SEO and content marketing, but it makes the familiar mistake of seeming to offer them to individual business owners interested in managing their online strategies on their own. We would like to make a point that if you are a small business who really wants to make an impact, these tactics can become very time consuming for you. As we’ve said before, advice like theirs is better utilized for testing the mettle of a local SEO company or local social media company when considering whom to work with to improve your overall online marketing.

The inconsistent awareness of the unity of SEO and content marketing is just further evidence of the value of selecting contractors who are both local SEO companies and local social media companies. After all, some self-described professionals are still stranded in a way of thinking which wrongly views these two elements in isolation.

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