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An Exclusive Overview of Instagram Advertising

February 8, 2020
instagram ads for beginners feature
an exclusive overview of instagram advertising 2

Instagram advertising is arguably the most straightforward aspect of a social media marketing campaign. The platform is simple to use, both for the account owner and for its followers. With an emphasis on images, it is easy to convey a quick message to your audience. But if you want more engagement, there’s no real limit on the text that comes with those images.

Paid Instagram advertising is clearly marked within a user’s feed. But it is also seamlessly integrated. And with careful use of keywords and hashtags, a social media marketing firm can match those paid posts with the kinds of users who will be genuinely interested in seeing them.

The simplicity of the platform itself might lead some clients to believe they can run an Instagram advertising campaign on their own. On some level, that’s true. But the features of Instagram advertising that make it effective also make it somewhat more complicated that it appears at first glance.

Professional Analytics

Instagram’s algorithms operate on a wealth of data. And that data comes not only from Instagram’s own content and usage statistics, but also from its parent company, Facebook. The very best Instagram advertising strategy is one that takes advantage of that overlap and tailors its message to an audience that spans multiple platforms.

A good social media marketing company will have prior experience analyzing the analytics that are available through Instagram. And from that starting point, such a company should be able to continually fine-tune a client’s Instagram advertising campaign. By acting upon what is and isn’t working, Instagram experts can help maximize views, likes, and more importantly, clicks and conversions on the client’s website.

Building an Audience

These markers of success are part of a larger goal that stands at the base of an Instagram advertising campaign. Account owners and social media companies should use the platform to build a community. Viewer engagement isn’t as valuable if it isn’t coming from people who are prone to long-term interest and brand loyalty.

Some of these people can help to push Instagram advertising to another level, especially if they have a strong following of their own. A professionally-run social media campaign should know how to make connections with “influencers” and encourage them to feature a client product.

Hitting the Right Targets

Those kinds of relationships occupy an interesting space in between organic social media marketing and paid Instagram advertising. This alone demonstrates that a full-fledged social media marketing campaign has a number of moving parts. Partnership with a digital marketing firm goes a long way toward helping a site owner to manage those nuances.

Influencer marketing may not generate direct clicks to an e-commerce site. Organic interactions may not lead to conversions. But in the right hands, both of these things provide highly valuable information about where to target Instagram advertising. And this in turn bring clients a much better return on investment.

With nearly 8 years in business, Pink Shark has recruited a world class team specializing in digital marketing and branding services. We have worked with a variety of businesses, both local and ecommerce, across numerous industries and verticals. Whether you are looking to improve your branding or increase conversions and sales, we can help you achieve your goals.

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