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Gigi Hadid: A Case Study in Natural Social Media Marketing

May 20, 2015

This week WebProNews published a brief profile on Gigi Hadid, who was recently named “model of the year” at the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards and who has been categorized as one of the millennial generation’s “Instagirls” because of her following on social media.


In fact, the profile suggests that much of Hadid’s success can be attributed to her social media acumen, and her own comments suggest that this comes naturally to her. Hadid has told the press that her social media presence is simply reflective of her being genuine, brand-conscious, putting things in terms that people can relate to, and paying attention to the basic appeal of good design.


And while those comments also make the success seem effortless, obviously this isn’t the case for everyone. What is a model or entertainer to do in today’s social media landscape if she doesn’t have a natural sense of how to acquire broad interest and loyal followers?


For people who struggle to get results from “being genuine,” it may be necessary to seek out some outside help and hire a Los Angeles social media company to deal with the very modern aspects of brand management.


Unfortunately, the business aspects of Instagirls and local social media companies may further justify the disparaging comments that Kate Upton recently made about social media according to Fox News. She said that with the original advent of social media she was happy to just be able to use it to communicate with her fans. But as contracts and Los Angeles social media companies have emerged, it’s become “so planned.”


Fox set Upton’s remarks against Hadid’s cheerful embrace of social media, and the contrast may simply reflect the women’s different levels of skill at managing their own brands online. Hadid enjoys social media marketing; Upton does not. That’s only natural if it comes naturally to the one but not to the other.


It may not seem fair to those who don’t have much of a flair for social media marketing, but no one said that such things are supposed to be enjoyable. They’re just supposed to be effective. And if they are neither effective nor enjoyable in your own hands, it’s time to hire the best local social media company you can find, so that you can get the best results without having to think about the process.

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