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A Global Strategy from a Local SEO Company

June 28, 2019

A local SEO company can deliver global results. Your company may have extremely broad-minded goals for its website, and it probably should. But that’s no reason to insist upon outsource your web marketing or search engine optimization to a faraway SEO company. It’s especially worthwhile to stay local if you’re already operating in a locality like Los Angeles, where SEO professionals are probably used to scaling up from local to national, and even global target audiences.

It might be tempting to aim for the broadest possible audience right off the bat. But there are reasons to believe this might not be the most efficient approach. It’s important to discuss your specific goals and strategies with your local SEO company in order to determine what is best for you. But it’s more than likely you’ll both decide it’s better to start with a local or regional approach, and grow from there.

Part of the reason for this is simply because what works for one target audience may not work for another. A local SEO company’s expertise naturally begins in its own neighborhood. And that company should be able to draw upon a wide range of knowledge about what has worked to attract traffic from, say, Los Angeles specifically.

By applying that preexisting knowledge to your particular SEO campaign, the same local SEO company can learn a lot about what works for your industry, your likeliest customers, and your unique website. Adjustments will be necessary, but it’s easier to scale up from a local campaign if you already have a strategy in place that is based on the largest amount of information available.

By contrast, if you started with a global approach, you and your SEO company would probably find yourself casting about blindly for the keywords, design tweaks, and other marketing elements that attract the greatest number of people from the greater number of localities. The bottom line is that your optimization strategy has to start from somewhere. And it’s often easier for a local SEO company to scale up if the starting place is “small and successful” rather than “vast and inconsistent.”

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