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How Long Does it Take to Get to the Front Page of Google?

May 20, 2015

This might be the most natural question to ask when starting out on your search engine optimization campaign with your local SEO company. But the question is practically worthless without context.

Even if you’re at the top of the results for a chosen keyword, it doesn’t mean that that’s the keyword your potential customers are searching for. It doesn’t even mean that anyone is searching for that keyword.

Being on the front page also leads to the question of how long you’re going to stay there. Racing to the top of the mountain doesn’t seem so appealing if you’re going to fall off immediately.

There are a lot of Los Angeles SEO companies that offer their clients almost immediate upward surges in the search results. Many of them can actually deliver, and most charge their clients an arm and a leg and then run off before the high search ranking plummets back to where it started.

You can still get to the front page of Google in a few months if you employ the right trickery (though this is increasingly difficult as the search algorithms get more sophisticated). But the search engines can tell the difference between tricky content and content that is unique and relevant to your customers.

And if a computer program knows the difference between the work of a Los Angeles’ best and worst SEO companies, imagine how obvious that difference will be to your potential customers.

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