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Implications or WordPress 5.0 for Local Web Design Company

June 15, 2018

If you’re currently employing a local web design company to develop a WordPress site, or you are planning to do so, there are forthcoming changes that might affect that work. The blogging and design platform is just on the verge of introducing its newest version, WordPress 5.0. Any such change brings with it a learning curve, even if the net result is to streamline the tool and make it more accessible overall.

If your local web design company was skilled at WordPress design using the current version, it will surely be skilled at the new one. But this doesn’t change the fact that the company’s workflow with such projects may go through a period of adjustment as its designers familiarize themselves with what is different and explore ways of utilizing the tool for the greatest professional effect.

Realistically, the best web design companies will have been pursuing this adjustment from the moment new features began to be revealed in trade publications. But if you have any doubts about how up-to-date your local web design company is, you shouldn’t be shy about quizzing them over how the premiere of WordPress 5.0 might impact your relevant project. Their answer might very well indicate that the impact is minimal, and that is fine, just as long as they demonstrate an understanding of the emerging changes.

At the same time, you might want to understand those changes yourself. You may find that the user-friendly aspects of WordPress 5.0 actually allow you to take parts of your design project into your own hands. Of course, you shouldn’t rush to assume that you can deliver a product as good as the professionals’, but if your design is sufficiently simple, the new version of WordPress might present you with an opportunity to shift your resources toward marketing instead of design services.

As I’ve pointed out before, a good local web design company will probably be skilled at delivering other web services, as well. And whether new versions of old platforms take work out of their hands or simply make it a little easier and less time-consuming, you should be ready to encourage that company to devote any saved man-hours to making sure that your site is traffic-rich in addition to being well-designed.

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