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Inclusive Web Design and Comprehensive User Profiles

October 30, 2016

On Wednesday, the web design section of Envato’s tutorial site featured an uncommonly interesting topic. It addressed an issue that some site owners and maybe even a highly experienced Los Angeles web design company might be prone to overlooking. And in a larger sense, it served as a caution to those local web design companies against the danger of overlooking minor demographic differences in serving a client’s visitors.

The article provided an in-depth discussion of web accessibility from the standpoint of persons with disabilities. You may not realize it, but there could be features of your site which your local web design company installed on the assumption that every user would have the same accessibility tools as the company’s staff. A more careful design process might uncover audio elements that leave out the hearing impaired, or visual design aspects that look fine to the fully sighted but are a nightmare for people with partial impairment.

There’s a good chance that even if your site contains such elements, they won’t affect user experience. But the best local web design company should probably aspire to be inclusive. And more to the point, its analysis of the client’s prospective audience ought to be comprehensive enough to identify when certain types of disabilities may be a barrier to user experience.

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