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Instagram Advertising Agency / A Great Help for Advertising in Social Media

October 2, 2022

An Instagram Advertising Agency will help you insert and publish ads on Instagram. This is a social network of images that Facebook acquired a few months ago. Here are 12 reasons why investing in this social network is a good idea.

1.- Instagram is a booming social network.

In fact, it is the fastest-growing social network in the world, including Spain. Last December it reached the figure of 600 million users with an open profile on Instagram.  It has progressive growth. Therefore, it is a good time to start an advertising strategy for this network.

2.- Most of your potential customers are probably on Instagram.

41% of Spanish internet users already have an open profile on Instagram, which makes it the second social network with more active users in Spain, behind Facebook.  And 55% of its users say that this is their favorite social network, in fact, it is the fastest growing and in the last year, it has grown by 15%, almost twice as much as Facebook. Its users spend an average of 48 minutes a day using this network. Obviously, you want to be where your potential customers are.

3.- Investing in Instagram Ads offers a high ROI

The price of an ad on Instagram with respect to the rate of return it brings is certainly interesting. Having an active presence on this Social Network and combining a strategy of publications with the use of advertising is, without a doubt, very profitable.

4.- Touch the heartstrings

You already know that emotions sell. That is why Instagram, basically based on images, allows you to combine emotion and inspiration to reach the soul of your customers and potential customers. Playing with desire (to own something, to live a certain experience, to reach X status), tenderness, appetence, inspiration, or other sensations will make the path between ad and sale faster, more direct, and easier.

5.- Allows creativity to unfold

It is highly valued by network users. Thus, Instagram is a great way to show the most creative side of your company, the people who make it up, its products or services, and its whole world. Through Instagram Ads, you will reach many Instagrammers. These can become both customers and interesting prescribers and propagators of the brand.

6.- Interaction and feedback are instantaneous.

Therefore, you can start measuring results almost from the very first moment. This allows you to create a strategy based on measured results, without the need to improvise and without wasting time.

7.- Helps to create a brand image

You can segment your ideal audience to target and work on creating a brand image through publications using Instagram Ads. You can focus on publicizing your products or services in a global strategy that helps your brand to generate a certain image. It also allows you to show the human face of your company.

8.- It is totally visual

In these times of haste and with many users surfing the Internet through mobile devices, viewing an image is very simple and comfortable. The image arrives in an instant to the person who sees it and allows him/her to absorb everything that the image wants to transmit. It is a moment. Without making him “work”. In addition, the impact of an image lingers in the memory. Therefore, having a well-planned strategy of ads on Instagram will help you win customers even long after they have reached the user.

9.- It is ideal for promoting products and services.

Virtually any sector can successfully advertise on Instagram following a careful strategy. For some, moreover, it should be almost mandatory to be present on this Social Network: 47% of Instagram users consume content related to beauty and travel. And almost 30% do so on music, sports, and food.

10.- It allows a very high visibility

Advertising on Instagram will allow you to reach many users of the network. You will be able to reach a very high number of potential customers. And have direct contact with the customer base.  A good advertising strategy on Instagram will not be annoying or intrusive and will be easily virtualizable. Did you know that according to the Social Media Observatory 53% of Instagrammers follow brand profiles? And that 48% of Instagram users perceive as valuable content the publications of the brands they like?

11.- It adapts well to joint strategies with publications on other social networks.

In fact, it can be directly combined with Facebook Ads. By combining ads during the management of social networks, the results of the investments are multiplied almost exponentially.

12.- It is a young Social Network with a future

98% of brand followers on Instagram are under 45 years old. Investing in Instagram Ads is investing in reaching potential customers who can be potential customers today and for many years to come. They are also a demographic that is among those who consume the most.

As you can see, many good reasons to start using Instagram for your business exist. So, what are you waiting for? Visit: and bring your vision to life!

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