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Is Organic Social Media Dead?

May 19, 2015

There were two separate but related stories about social media in the news the other day. An article in The Guardian indicates that many businesses and entrepreneurs are lamenting what is perceived as the death of organic social media marketing. Evidently, Facebook and Twitter are adjusting their algorithms in a way that makes it increasingly necessary for companies to pay for exposure to potential buyers online.

But at the branding and marketing news site Brafton, an article by a social media strategist provides some ideas about “how to promote your content on any budget.” The article suggests that it’s not at all necessary to pay for exposure on social media, and that even if you have no time and no money, there are still ways to use social media to your advantage.

Either the author of the Brafton article didn’t get the memo about organic outreach being dead or those anxieties are unfounded. He does recommend paid exposure as an option for people with time and money, but only as a supplement to organic outreach.

Indeed, the Guardian article concludes by saying that some brands do still have social media success that isn’t paid for, and that this is probably a matter of carefully crafting relevant content. Of course, if you’re not a social media expert in your own right, this might mean you’ll need to talk to your local social media company. But you’ll probably find that by using organic outreach, they can get you a lot more exposure for a lot less money than paid advertisements.

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