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Los Angeles SEO Companies

Large Companies and Los Angeles SEO Firms

June 27, 2020

Los Angeles SEO firms aren’t especially likely to provide services to large companies. Whether headquartered in the local area or anywhere around the world, companies with hundreds of employees tend to have their own marketing and IT departments, which should be technically capable of running a search engine optimization campaign.

However, not all large companies boast effective communication between these departments. And whatever the size of the company, its IT department might not be particularly focused on SEO tasks. Such departments are often busy with objectives that are expected at a moment’s notice. Marketing-related tasks can end up on the back-burner, where they fail to deliver the company a return on investment and an increased competitive advantage.

A large company’s marketing department, meanwhile, might not be able to implement changes to the website on its own. That department may end up waiting for IT team members to make themselves available, or it may eventually realize that web marketing tasks can sometimes be completed more effectively by a Los Angeles SEO company.

Such a company typically eliminates the need for complex inter-departmental communication. A large company might still require an independent contractor to go through the in-house IT department for certain changes. But when a company on the West Coast and a Los Angeles SEO firm develop a rapport, the outside team can be expected to take control over at least some aspects of the day-to-day website maintenance.

Specifically, it may take over a portion of the tasks that are directly related to the company’s marketing strategy. Consequently, they may get done faster, for a greater return on investment.

Of course, an understanding of that marketing strategy requires that the Los Angeles SEO firm also establishes communication with the in-house marketing department, as well. But in this case also, the contractor will tend to become more and more autonomous as it and the in-house team demonstrate they can communicate effectively with each other.

So even when a Los Angeles SEO company can’t take a campaign completely out of the hands of a larger company’s departments, it can move operations more quickly toward efficiency than some of those departments can do on their own. When an SEO strategy depends on two separate departments that can’t do anything on their own, communication can break down over time. But when one outside firm does all the important leg work while simply consulting with those departments, communication becomes an incidental piece of the real work.

It’s true that a Los Angeles SEO firm is unlikely to find itself in that position with a very large company. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And it doesn’t mean that such a company won’t discover that there are advantages to that arrangement.

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