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Find the Latest Tools through Your Los Angeles Web Design Company

September 20, 2019

A Los Angeles web design company should always be aware of the emergence of new online resources, even if they premiere in a whole other part of the world.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently published a profile on one Australian startup that is already having a global impact on businesses with an online presence. And this is only one example of a new, faraway opportunity with implications for clients of a Los Angeles web design company.

The startup in question is called Qwilr, and its founders strive to modernize business documents for today’s internet landscape. Having recognized problems of poor formatting and software incompatibility in the exchange of Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, the entrepreneurs set out to provide simple, web-based alternatives with consistent design and universal ease-of-use.

A good Los Angeles web design company ought to be able to communicate those alternatives to its clients. Unless the owners of new websites happen to spot articles like the one in the Herald, chances are that they’re going to enter the relationship with inadequate expectations. And this can result in “professional” websites relying on outmoded design and communication principles for much longer than can be justified.

Even with the assistance of web development professionals, an awful lot of site owners don’t use those sites to full effect. Instead, they continue relying on other modes of business-to-business communication, and they learn to live with occasional compatibility issues. But as the Herald article rightly pointed out, this grin-and-bear it approach can be a real drag on productivity. It can result in poor communication with business partners, frustration among customers, or delays in vendor payments.

And of course, Qwilr is only one startup working on one set of problems. There are others that may be so familiar they tend to go unnoticed. Yet in some far corner of the world, someone is surely developing a web design feature that will make countless businesses more streamlined and profitable.

Regardless of where or when these features emerge, a good Los Angeles web design company will know about it, long before clients start asking.

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