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Laughing With Your Social Media Company

November 3, 2018
social media company
laughing with your social media company 2

A recent article in the USA Today brought renewed attention to a phenomenon you may have noticed on Twitter. It pointed out that a social media company (company) with clients in the fast-casual restaurant industry may provide those clients with what is essentially a comedy writers’ room for its social media campaign. Those rooms often generate content that engages with both competitors and the public in a light and sometimes playfully insulting way.

It’s not a strategy that is suitable for every company or every client, but it is certainly an effective means of outreach if it can be handled appropriately. If that type of humor suits the overall tone of your social media accounts, than it is worthwhile to make sure your company can write humorous content that represents your brand in a positive light.

The advantage of this approach should be obvious if you think about the way people tend to use platforms like Twitter. A company in a niche industry might target people who are specifically looking for information about a product or service, but in other cases the mission is to convince people to interact even when they’re not specifically looking for what the client offers.

Humor is a sure-fire way to achieve this goal, but neither the client nor the company must ever forget that it requires a delicate balance. Many a social media scandal has erupted from clumsy attempts to be funny. So it’s crucially important that you don’t venture into the comedy game on your own and without experience in public relations. Your company should be able to navigate both of those fields, but it goes without saying that not everyone is that multi-talented.

Set the tone of your accounts ahead of time, and make sure your social media company is specifically suited for the content you need.

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