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Let Your SEO Talk to Your Social Media

May 19, 2015

There was a good article just posted at Search Engine Land that focuses on one of the most common traps that people fall into when they’re chasing after search engine optimization. Many businesses obsess over search engine results for a pre-determined set of keywords and forget that their exposure through other media and other marketing can affect the ways in which consumers find them via search engines.

This is yet another reason why I tell business owners in Los Angeles that their local SEO company should also be a social media company. Your SEO strategy is incomplete if you tailor it towards what you assume your customers will be searching for, and you don’t monitor what they actually are searching for.

If your local SEO company and social media company aren’t one in the same, they should at least work together, because social media monitoring can tell you a lot about what people are searching for and how they are responding to your brand.

These sorts of data should be regularly recycled back into your SEO strategy, allowing your customers to find your brand on social media, through direct links, or offline, and then find it again when they search for that great product or service that caught their eye before.

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