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How a Local SEO Company Can Improve Web Security

June 29, 2018

Recent events underscore the fact that a local SEO company must always be aware of any newfound notoriety coming to their clients. A sudden, widespread boost in web traffic sounds like a good thing regardless of the cause, but it can attract attention from the wrong people, including hackers who might damage your site’s search engine optimization. This can be a malicious attack of just a cynical effort to piggyback off of the site’s popularity using black hat techniques.

The events in question relate to the political flare-up surrounding a Virginian restaurant that refused to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Days after the incident, it was discovered that the establishment’s website had been injected with code directing to pharmaceutical ads.

Before you consider asking your local SEO company to use similar tactics to direct unwitting visitors to your own site or ad, bear in mind that the benefits are sure to be short lived, at best. These days, search engines tend to recognize black hat techniques and to nullify increases in ranking that result from irrelevant or maliciously implanted links.

Instead of prompting anyone to think about gaming the system, this story should really spur you to consider how your local SEO company can help guard against the destructive effects of these kinds of activities, should your site become the target of them. If your site starts redirecting to irrelevant keywords, it can drag down your ranking for target keywords. The damage can take time for your local SEO company to repair, unless that company is regularly monitoring your code to make sure that malicious changes have not taken place.

This once again speaks to the benefit of having your local SEO company to double as a web development company. By putting multiple web services in the same hands, you can help to guarantee that your digital marketing strategies, your web security, and your social media outreach all serve the purpose of bolstering the SEO campaign that primarily determines whether you stand out from the pack in an oversaturated online marketplace.

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