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A Local SEO Company Must Serve Both Computers and People

March 9, 2018

Search engine optimization holds obvious value for on online business. But the efforts of a local SEO company should never be obvious to site visitors. Have you ever read web content that is bogged down with extraneous keywords in hard-to-read sentences? This sort of thing is a poison pill for optimization. And more than that, it drags down the larger efforts of your web marketing company.

At a time when search engine algorithms are constantly becoming more sophisticated, belabored SEO writing can actually have a negative impact on your rankings. Your local SEO company should understand this and be able to create content for you that seems natural and uses a keyword density that is neither too high nor too low.

But that type of content may come even more naturally if your local SEO company also handles a wider range of web marketing tasks for you. In that case, the staff will probably have considerable experience in creating content that is tailored not only toward algorithms but also toward actual users.

It is increasingly important for web marketing companies to handle both of these tasks, because quality content and search engine optimization are inseparable. After, algorithms are responsive to user behavior, and if visitors to your site quickly click away, then they are depriving you of sustained traffic and organically-built inbound links – the sorts of things that allow you to keep climbing through the search rankings even after your local SEO company’s initial work is done.

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