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How a Local Web Marketing Agency Can Use Video Content Effectively

June 22, 2018

Here’s a statistic that might be important to you and your local web marketing agency: When a website has video content, the average user takes 88 percent longer before closing the page. This and other data suggest that video marketing might be an important feature of the strategy that a web marketing agency employs for the sake of converting clicks into sales and recurring engagement.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a foregone conclusion. Even though the statistic is dramatic, it is important to keep in mind that not every user is the same, and not every piece of video content is the same. Your local web marketing agency should be not only capable of integrating video content into your website and social media, but also skilled at matching that content to the likely preferences of your target audience.

While video content might be effective in general, many of us have had experiences of clicking away from a site in frustration because the embedded video was obtrusive or irrelevant to our visit. These are problems that must be avoided with the help of a local web marketing agency, which may also double as a production firm for your video content.

This once again speaks to the advantages of an integrated strategy, in that you should be able to entrust professional contractors to develop video that appeals to your target demographic and also build that video into your site in a pleasing way. A mistake in either of these areas could seriously undermine the broader strategy adopted by your web marketing agency. So could a mistake in analyzing the preferences that are revealed by the existing traffic to your site.

Among providers of web services and their clients, there is an unfortunate impulse to think of fashionable trends as catchall solutions to one’s marketing woes. But in reality, these trends usually represent significant resources that can be either used or misused. Can you count on your local web marketing agency to know the difference?

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