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Before Lockdowns End, Consider Marketing on TikTok

May 2, 2020

Marketing on TikTok may become more popular on the back of the coronavirus pandemic. That is one potential takeaway from a recent article in SF Gate that suggested the short video-sharing platform is “the social media app you need to get through” the crisis.

That idea comes from two basic facts of life during these times: Most people are sharing a strong impulse to escape from a constant stream of anxiety-inducing news, and most people are getting fed up with their familiar social media platforms.

TikTok offers a solution to the stress and monotony of our stay-at-home routines. And marketing on TikTok represents an opportunity to reach consumers in a more laid-back setting. As I recently said on this blog, the current state of the world has people longing for normality. And to the extent that people are paying attention to advertising, they’re likely to response to brands that can associate with that normality.

That association should be part of most companies’ long-term marketing strategies right now. And there’s a strong argument in favor of marketing on TikTok as part of that strategy.

The argument doesn’t strictly come from the fact that TikTok mostly features fun and semi-mindless videos for public consumption. That’s the focus of the platform’s short-term appeal, during a time when people are looking for alternatives to the same old routine. But as people start to build the young video-sharing platform into their new routines, its short-term appeal starts to represent long-term value.

TikTok is young in both senses of the word. It hasn’t been around nearly as long as Facebook or Twitter. And partly because of that fact, its user base is dominated by teens and young adults. Marketing on TikTok allows companies to develop an early connection with consumers who will either migrate to other social platforms or attract new users to TikTok as they grow up.

Maybe “Zoomers” aren’t your core demographic. But as long as you can make your brand resonate with them in any way, then marketing on TikTok is probably worthwhile for your company. After all, the platform won’t be young forever. Its user base will grow up naturally, while also expanding to include older folks, just as Facebook did before.

If people follow the advice of the SF Gate article by adopting TikTok as a source of fun and distraction during the pandemic, then marketing on TikTok could become much more valuable than anyone would have anticipated last year. Its monthly active users – already 800 million strong – are poised to grow in number, expanding the already-significant reach of paid influencers on the platform.

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