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Does Your Los Angeles SEO Company Recognize User Intent?

September 28, 2018

Among prospective clients of a Los Angeles SEO company, there is still a too-common impulse to reduce search engine optimization to the most superficial keywords. But site owners must understand that a web marketing firm’s work is more nuanced than that. Or at least, it should be if you want to get the best return on your investment.

Any Los Angeles SEO company should recognize that it isn’t enough to identify the item or general topic a web user is searching for. One must also consider what aspects of that topic a person might be looking for, and why. A complete understanding of “user intent” will help SEO professionals to target a broader range of search terms, and to make sure that the right terms lead to the right areas of a client’s site.

When someone arrives at an unfamiliar site, they don’t usually start out with a commitment to buying whatever the owner is selling. Usually, the initial search is motivated by a desire for information, and the length of time that they spend on a new webpage depends on whether it is answering their questions.

A good Los Angeles SEO company will understand the difference between different types of web search – those that cast a wide net, those that are just looking for a little more information on a known topic, and those in which the user is specifically looking for something to buy. All of these are equally important, as they promote traffic, build confidence in a client’s site and product, and, of course, lead to conversions.

No type of search should be shunted aside or treated like any other. And if you’ve chosen the right Los Angeles SEO company, you should be able to see a clear difference in traffic leading to your site’s main page, to specific items of information, and to any “buy now” link that represents the ultimate goal of your optimization strategy.

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