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M Could Change The Way We Search

August 27, 2015



source: tech crunch

According to an article from Tech Crunch, Facebook has been undergoing huge change as they develop their platform to position themselves amongst the stars. It isn’t news that Facebook and Google are going head-to-head to claim the throne of connectivity and rule the internet of things. At first when Facebook announced that they would be introducing Businesses on Messenger it seemed that they had an upper-hand to communicate directly with their customers in real-time. Now, it seems as if this digital personal assistant will rival Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

We are just excited from the first impressions of what a typical interaction will look like on Facebook. What does this mean for marketers? What does this mean for businesses in general? Since Facebook is in direct competition with Google, what sort of algorithm will be put in place to facilitate the needs of consumers in terms of e-commerce? Even further, will this be a PPC or PPV structure? We just have so many questions. Whether the user is looking for digital marketing services or looking for the latests fashions and cosmetics, someone will inevitably have an opportunity to dominate the space. As an investor, we would be pleased with the changes that Facebook is putting forth because it looks like they are creating a solution to connect consumers and businesses and you can count on giving businesses the option to advertise within the space.

We look forward to watching the Facebook of tomorrow unfold. As for now, we can only wait patiently and keep up with the changing trends. As the product details develop we will keep you updated.

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