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Managing Threats from Competitors’ Los Angeles SEO Company

January 12, 2018

The work of a Los Angeles SEO company is not limited to the development of site content that proves a client site’s relevance to designated search terms. Such a company may also face the challenge of fending off attacks from competitors in the form of off-site content that is aimed at tanking someone else’s search ranking instead of bolstering one’s own.

The landscape that faces a Los Angeles SEO company today is one in which “black hat” SEO is ineffective in providing long-term service to one’s own clients but still rather effective at sabotaging others. In fact, some experts seem to think that the year ahead will see increased prevalence of tactics such as fake negative reviews, many of which are bot-generated.

Often, these sorts of tactics can be employed to give the impression of significant gains in one’s own search rankings. But those gains tend to fade as fake reviews are recognized and acts of sabotage are repaired. Naturally, this happens more quickly when competitors are on guard and ready to counteract such moves.

This highlights the need for careful consideration in choosing a Los Angeles SEO company. Some will promise you the world and briefly appear to deliver on those promises after being hired, only to later reveal themselves as relying on unethical and ultimately ineffectual tactics. But even if you avoid doing business with such firms, you will not necessarily be free of them. They may take on one of your competitors as a client.

For that reason, it is important that your chosen Los Angeles SEO company has demonstrated the breadth of experience necessary to manage your reputation both on and off site, as by monitoring supposed customer reviews and responding as appropriate. This may seem more like the work of a general web marketing firm, but that only underscores what I’ve said many times before about the need for a web services provider that can handle a range of tasks.

It’s beneficial to you if your Los Angeles SEO company can wear many hats, provided all of them are “white hats”.

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