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Mobile SEO Means Local SEO

September 21, 2016

On Wednesday, Mass Central published an article on the difference between mobile and desktop SEO. I’ve previously talked about the need for optimizing one’s website for mobile users, and I’ve pointed out that different businesses might have to give precedence to one type of web user over another. But I’ve given less attention to the fact that mobile and desktop SEO are fundamentally different, in the sense that Google uses different algorithms to assign ranking to each.

Unfortunately, Mass Central doesn’t go into much detail about what these differences actually entail. To better understand that, you may have to have a conversation with your local SEO company. But one thing that Mass Central does indicate is that it really out to be a local SEO company that answers your questions about optimizing your site content for mobile users.

As the article rightly points out, those searching for businesses on mobile tend to be much more interested in local results, and search engine algorithms are designed to reflect that. With this in mind, if you’re attempting to reach local web users and you have reason to believe that a significant portion of your customer base are mobile web users, you simply cannot understate the importance of contracting with a local SEO company and focusing your efforts on regional keywords and location-specific competitive research.

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