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Monitoring User Intent in Web Searches

October 30, 2015

monitoring user intent

The work of a Los Angeles SEO company is constantly growing in complexity. The internet abounds with articles pointing out that what might have worked once upon a time is no longer adequate, be it in major local markets or in conducting remote SEO work for companies throughout the world.

Case in point, Search Engine Land recently published an article explaining that superficial keyword choices based on the readily available Google metrics are no longer enough to get the sort of results one expects from an expert local SEO company. The article urges SEO professionals to make increasingly narrow searches and actively analyze the results to see what is getting ranked, and how one’s own content can exceed it.

It’s good advice and the author explains that this amounts to exploring user intent. But I would be quick to note that the task doesn’t stop there. In particular, the question of user intent is another topic that calls for the increasing unification of the roles of local SEO company and local social media company.

Social media, after all, gives firms an opportunity to actively monitor how internet users are communicating over certain search terms. By monitoring this as well as analyzing existing search results, a local SEO company can get a sense of not only the user intent that has contributed to the current rankings, but also the user intent that is driving current overall trends. And this will make a local SEO and social media company better able to compete in real time with highly ranked content.

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