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More Confirmation of the Link Between Social Media and SEO

October 5, 2015


The Economy section of Fox News recently published an article directly affirming something that I have said a number of times in recent blog posts. The headline plainly declares: “Good Social Media Boosts SEO Even Though Nobody Understands How.”

The article goes on to disabuse readers of the notion that social media and search engine optimization are entirely separate aspects of one’s online marketing strategy. By noting that there are deep and influential connections, the article points to the value of hiring an outside firm that is both a local social media company and an SEO company.

The article reiterates what has been noted by other articles both on this blog and at other websites focused on online marketing expertise. It may never be completely clear how social media likes and shares are built into search engine algorithms, but there is no doubt about the end-result. Organic gains in social media lead to similarly organic and usually lasting gains in search engine rank.

The lack of transparency about how social media influences SEO only confirms that there are no shortcuts and tricks to boosting your ranking overnight. But shortcuts and tricks don’t have lasting value anyway. More and more expert testimony is confirming that the best way for you to secure good online marketing outcomes is with a comprehensive online marketing strategy, and probably one that relies on an independent, local social media and SEO company that can devote all of its time and experience to boosting your presence on social media and in search engines at the same time.

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