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More False Promises of Instant SEO

May 20, 2015

I fear that this trend is getting worse. A glance at the latest headlines on news websites for SEO companies and social media companies shows titles like “5 E-Commerce SEO Tips You Can Use Today” and “Improve SEO Ranking in 24 Hours” among the top headlines.


We’ve disputed these kinds of myths before. The tips given in such articles very likely are things that you can use today, but the clear intention of a headline like this is to give the impression that the results are immediate. That is almost never the case, and if the results are immediate, they aren’t lasting.


On one hand, these kinds of articles may simply be aimed at generating clicks by giving new and naïve business owners the false impression that they can go it alone on SEO. If you’re incredibly tech savvy, that may be true. But search engine algorithms are getting more sophisticated and more specific all the time.


There is a lot to keep up with in the industry, and if you’re running a business you probably don’t have time for that. What you need are vetted experts in SEO, preferably in the form of a local SEO company that can target your exact market and talk with you directly.


On the other hand, what’s even more concerning about misleadingly titled SEO articles is that they’re not just selling false hope for clicks but are selling it to drive actual business to their own SEO companies.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if your local SEO company promises you dramatic, instantaneous results and can’t explain those promises in a way that’s absolutely clear to you, run away. It’s almost certain that they’re not willing to commit to your site long-term, but are more interested in giving you a short-term boost in the rankings and then walking away with their billings before your site plunges down the list again.

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