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Multi-Platform Campaigns from a Los Angeles Social Media Company

October 20, 2017

When a Los Angeles social media company scores a big win on social media, you’ll probably hear about it if you closely follow industry-related news. What you won’t hear about are the failures and false starts that preceded that win, or even the numerous little victories that took the form of improved customer engagement and click-through rates.

You may also not hear the name of the relevant Los Angeles social media company, because most newsworthy social media stories are created for the sake of client companies. But the relative invisibility of the social media management process shouldn’t lead you to underestimate what is involved.

You may hear about one company whose Los Angeles social media company is doing exceptional work on Facebook and another that is making a name for itself on Twitter. You may later be surprised to learn that it’s the same Los Angeles social media company in both cases, and that newsworthiness aside, the client companies are running effective social media campaigns on multiple platforms.

It can actually be tempting to put all your eggs in one basket when you see windfalls of exposure coming from a local campaign that seems to involve only one platform. But in reality, those windfalls generally emerge from a comprehensive social media campaign run by a Los Angeles social media company that is skilled in navigating among Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

There is a certain amount of chance involved in how you end up going viral, but the real victories in social media marketing are the ones you achieve every day by organically reaching as many consumers as possible, on as many platforms as make sense for you.

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