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Neglected Consumers are Quick to Engage on Social Media

May 19, 2015

Among recent headlines from the advertising world, there is another ad campaign that combines traditional commercial production and social media outreach, and is getting a great deal of attention.

The athletic wear company Under Armour has produced a powerful ad featuring American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland and linked it to the hashtag #IWillWhatIWant. By all accounts, it is a resounding success, and it’s the latest in a long line of social-media-linked campaigns that smaller brands and local social media companies can learn from.

What makes this ad successful and what can a Los Angeles social media company take away from the work of Manhattan-based ad company Droga5?

There’s more than one answer, but part of it is an issue of demographics. This ad is a sudden departure from previous campaigns that have focused on men and on perhaps overly familiar sports franchises like the NFL. The sudden inclusion of women, dancers, and very young consumers makes many of those individuals feel that their voices are being heard, and that leads to feedback on the company’s social media from Beverly Hills, Brooklyn, and everywhere in between.

The lesson in this for local social media companies is to help clients empower the markets they’ve been neglecting.

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