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New Year’s Resolutions and Your Los Angeles Social Media Company

December 29, 2018

It’s often worthwhile for a Los Angeles social media company and its clients to keep an eye on viral news stories and consider what they might say about commercial social media campaigns. These efforts need not be limited to stories involving a competing business or another Los Angeles social media company. They may also include personal stories that illustrate the overall power of social media and web-based public relations.

Among recent viral stories is that of Vance Hinds, an attorney in Texas who began posting regularly to Instagram about lifelong struggles with his weight, and about his renewed commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. Reporting on the story suggests that online engagement helped him to shed nearly 200 pounds within a year. And some of that reporting also points out that research has established the positive effect of social media exposure on goal-fulfillment.

At this time of the year, the subject may be equally important for an ordinary social media user and for a Los Angeles social media company. Countless people are facing down both personal and professional New Year’s resolutions, and it’s worthwhile to consider what kinds of tactics and resources can be helpful in seeing them through.

Mr. Hinds’ story offers insight not only for personal resolutions but also for professional goals that could be showcased for shareholders or for the public in general. In Hinds’ case, the public aspect of his journey led to an outpouring of mutual support from dieters and gym-goers. In the case of a company’s professional goals, a Los Angeles social media company may provide similar exposure, leading to greater outreach from prospective partners, as well as valuable insight and recommendations from persons interested in the company’s success.

For many businesses, this phenomenon points to the potential benefit of maintaining separate, corporate social media accounts specifically targeting shareholders, investors, and the like. But if this is a benefit you hope to exploit, it also underlines the advantage of putting those accounts in the hands of a Los Angeles social media company, as opposed to keeping them in-house, where employees presumably lack experience with managing and analyzing simultaneous campaigns.

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