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Always Avoid a Robotic Digital Marketing Strategy

September 24, 2019

This may seem like a strange notion, but a professionally-managed digital marketing strategy can make you seem more human.

The impersonal nature of online communication is a problem for anyone who wants to connect with prospective customers, clients, or partners. In traditional marketing, there’s only a certain amount of distance between a pitch and its recipient. But in online marketing, that distance can seem infinite.

Think of getting a flyer on your front door. It may just be a text-and-pictures sales pitch, but you know someone left it for you personally. When a business-owner cold-calls you, it’s clear there’s someone on the other end of the line.

But the equivalent of cold-calling online is much different. We know that e-mails and messages on social media can be sent in huge quantities with the tap of a button. When you receive one, it’s possible that no one ever even knew you were among the recipients.

It’s a poor digital marketing strategy that relies on this sort of mass marketing. Even if you’re personally clicking send on each pitch e-mail, the message is likely to be received as if it’s coming from a robot. But of course, contacting each lead directly would be impossibly time consuming.

That’s all the more true if you’re busy actually running your business. Without dedicated support for your digital marketing strategy, what else can you do but cast a wide net and hope that one of the tens of thousands of people you contact gets back to you?

Well, first of all, you can look to a local web marketing agency for the support you need. And once you’ve done that, you may learn a few things about how to implement a digital marketing campaign that creates real, human connections between yourself and your prospective partners.

When it comes to selling your brand online, it’s not about crafting a more effective pitch. What’s more important is making yourself visible enough to your audience that no pitch is necessary. By demonstrating your expertise while also making it clear that there’s a human being at the helm of your social media accounts, a good digital marketing strategy can encourage your leads to make the first move.

The person at the helm doesn’t even need to be you. As long as the strategy isn’t a repetitive formula, a third-party marketer can show prospective clients that your expertise is exactly what they need.

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