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Not All Web Design Advice is Created Equal

April 22, 2017

As I previously mentioned, articles tend to proliferate across the web which attempt to describe current trends affecting web design companies in Los Angeles and throughout the country. While it’s certainly possible to focus solely on those articles that make insightful observations about the year ahead, there is also value in highlighting the fact that not all of these advice articles are created equal.

As an example, this article at IT Briefcase begins with a helpful premise – focusing on trends that a web design company might apply specifically to e-commerce sites – but fails to deliver on that premise.

There certainly are things that a good Los Angeles web design company would highlight in their consultations with you if you’re planning on selling goods online. These include the positioning of your shopping cart in the overall web design, the possibility of providing a one-click ordering option, and the prospects for integrating recommendations and related items.

Unfortunately, the IT Briefcase article failed to identify trends in these or related areas. And its overall conclusions are overly broad and not well thought out. It pushes the idea of “big backgrounds” and plentiful images, ignoring the fact that this has the potential to conflict with well-known trends that the same article calls attention to, namely the growing prevalence of mobile browsing, responsive web design, and long scrolls on relatively minimalist sites.

There may be times when it’s worthwhile to buck predominant trends in order to be distinctive or eye-catching, but it’s important to build those considerations into a comprehensive conversation with your local web design company. And as you plan for that conversation, it’s also important to check multiple sites and articles for their input, and to take each of them with a grain of salt.

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