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The Offline Role of a Web Marketing Agency

November 3, 2017

In previous posts, I have tried to emphasize the value of using a web marketing agency that can provide multiple services with equivalent effectiveness. Search engine optimization, social media management, web development: all of these things function better form marketing purposes if they are integrated together.

A web marketing agency should be able to demonstrate expertise in each of these areas, but its services are not fully integrated until there is also some attention to your offline marketing strategies. Of course, it’s more likely that these will be handled separately, either in-house or by a firm that specializes in non-digital customer engagement. But there is definite overlap between digital and analog marketing, so at the very least your web marketing agency should be able to work closely with anyone else who has a role in public outreach.

Obviously, if your business has an offline component, all the social media activity and other tactics of your web marketing agency will be aimed at directing people toward offline engagement. But what’s somewhat less obvious is that your offline engagement, even including product deliveries, should strive to direct customers back online. This could take the form of a simple request for customers to rate their experience on your site or a familiar review site; or it could involve announcements of giveaways or other promotions taking place online.

A skilled web marketing agency will be able to prevent you with some relevant ideas in this vein. And by taking advantage of those ideas, you can help your online and offline engagements to feed into each other in a way that generates ever-greater returns.

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