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Politics can Have its Place in Social Media Marketing

May 19, 2015

Forbes posted an article on Tuesday profiling the social media activism of the Gap clothing company. Instead of just celebrating the company’s brands and announcing product releases, Gap has embraced an activist message and has attached its name to campaigns for a higher minimum wage and for the closure of the pay gap between men and women.


It’s a good strategy, although not one that any company can latch onto with the same effect. You (or your local social media company) have to have a very good reason to believe that the campaigns you endorse will increase your exposure to your target market. In other words, you have to know that your target market has an interest in social causes and is willing to connect those causes to the brands they purchase.


Of course, few target markets are completely homogenous. That’s why it’s worthwhile to diversify your outreach. Gap does this in part by allowing its subsidiaries, Banana Republic and Old Navy, to carry on a more conservative social media campaign focused on brand identity and style tips.


But if you’re a local business with a local social media company, you can use Twitter and Facebook to offer information that’s relevant to your business right alongside affirmations of values that will resonate with your customers.

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