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The Psychology of a Los Angeles Web Design Company

April 20, 2018

You probably don’t expect a Los Angeles web design company to be expert in human psychology. But it might not be a good idea to look for a basic level of familiarity with the topic if you’re looking to hire one.

This is because web development is about more than just coding a page that’s conventionally attractive and easy to navigate. Virtually everything, from the organization of content across the site to the page’s color scheme can have a psychological effect. And that psychological effect might make your site more or less likely to convert visits into sales.

A Los Angeles web design company should be well aware of this fact. And provided that that company also deals in web marketing and social media management, its employees should have a good sense of how marketing professionals utilize things like color in an effort to elicit certain responses from consumers – to direct their attention toward one product over another, or to encourage them to associate it with happiness or satisfaction.

This can actually be an even trickier subject for a Los Angeles web design company than it would be for most traditional marketing agencies, because certain web designers are more likely to service a global audience, and one with sometimes unpredictable diversity. The psychology of aesthetics can vary greatly from one culture to another, and so today’s truly effective web marketer should be able to analyze traffic patterns and adjust a site’s design to best reflect the psychology of its major audience.

Of course, the use of psychology in marketing has never risen to the level of mind control (though not for lack of trying). But the better a Los Angeles web design company understands the minds of its global audience, the better it will be able to direct those minds toward whatever its clients are offering.

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